About me

Hi fellow financial warrior.

I’m from New Zealand. Trying to retire early and I’m using property and shares to get me there. I’ve had side hustles, sure. But a life spent hustling left me tired and missing my family. Will I hustle again? Maybe, but they will be easier, passive hustles.


Retirement? When my net worth can generate an income of $60,000 p.a.

Net worth
Jun-16 $613,549.00
Jul-16 $627,380.00
Aug-16 $631,939.00
Sep-16 $646,710.00
Oct-16 $649,096.00
Nov-16 $654,626.00
Dec-16 $661,386.00
Jan-17 $668,527.00
Feb-17 $676,824.00
Mar-17 $682,553.00
Apr-17 $688,084.00