Quit Working – Start living.

The Quit Work for Life Manifesto.

Why am I here? Why are you here? I’m here to be financially stable and independent that I can quit my job whenever I want. I want to be in charge of my time, I want to do things that are fulfilling to me. I hope you’re here because you too can see that the future of work is unpredictable and you want more in life than giving 40+ hours a week to someone else for little reward.

Economists once predicted that due to ever increasing labour efficiency our future would be one of increased lesuire hours, less work, more family time and less stress. 

Yeah right. Missed the mark a little bit there economists……

Instead we have long commutes in cramped cities, collections of stuff that weigh us down, job satisfaction that is little comfort as we spend hours away from family only to end up with very little cash after we buy all the supposed trappings of a middle class lifestyle and all the bills are paid.

Don’t despair, there is hope

If you are under 30 and willing to be disciplined there is no reason why you can’t quit work  before 65 (retire early) and spend more quality years doing things that make you and your family happy. The older you are the trickier it gets, but there are gains to be made no matter what decade you decide to get your financial self together.

Panning out how I can quit my job
What are my core ideals and beliefs on the journey to FIRE?

I’ve only been on this early retirement train for a year or so, somedays I feel like I found it too late, other days I am filled with optimism that it won’t be long till I have the financial freedom to leave my job. I have found that I have to change my mindset in order to make progress towards the goal of financial independence and there are a few ideas that I try keep front of mind on this journey.

I recognise that my life is exchanged for cash, 1 hour at a time.

Hours are spent working for cash, it will not be squandered, my time will not be givin in vain. I will not spend my thirties acquiring trinkets and memories of hangovers so that I have to work full time for the next 35 years.

I will have options, I will have cash

I won’t let a lack of savings put me in desperate positions where I am forced to make choices based on a lack of cash. Like having to take a job I find repugnant, make an unethical choice, move my family somewhere unsafe, sell a precious item, go without top medical care etc. Emergency funds will always be available.

I will be smart with what I have.

I will make my money serve me, I will not serve money. I won’t be a slave to a wage forever. My money will be put to work and no dollar shall sit idle. I will do my research and take advice where warranted.

I will always know where I am and where I’m going.

Tracking expenses and keeping a net worth spreadsheet up to date are the housekeeping of financial independence. I shall not slack, I shall not avoid looking at bank statements and expenses.


These ideas will steer me towards financial independence. Or at least put me in a better position in my old age, (no cat food dinners for me). Some days it’s hard work, some days its easy, but I know I’m doing something! Better to be living with intent, than to be left wondering where it all went 10 years from now. Sure there will be temptations (omg beer), mistakes (I’m looking at you Forestlands), slip ups but when you know the path you want to be on its hard to stay lost for too long.


5 thoughts on “Quit Working – Start living.”

  1. Hi there,

    Good list of ways to keep on track for sure. I would add the option for people under 35 to consider self-employment too. It’s not for everyone but if one really isn’t fulfilled in their principal job they should at least consider the option.

    My wife a I quit our career jobs in our early 40s and everyone that we were going bananas, but we finally made it being self employed. The freedom is great even if some days you’re working 18 hours.


    1. Hi Brent,

      Congrats on self employment! Its definitely something Ive thought about a lot. But I’m a little afraid, even though I don’t doubt myself and my ability to work hard, its the uncontrollable factors that worry me. I think when I have a bit more capital behind me I will be more daring and go for it.

      1. Often people are forced into self employment I think. In my case:

        1.) my body could no longer take the activities required for my job
        2.) the industry I was in (aviation) wasn’t stable and unemployment always loomed
        3.) I never enjoyed teamwork and needed the freedom to screw up or succeed all on my own
        4.) being an employee had become unbearable – felt like my career was a jail sentence

        So yeah….IF I loved my job, my back was healthy, I loved ego stroking people, and didn’t mind living to the beat of some corporation’s drum….I never would have quit. Hell, the flight benefits were great.

        I was scared to death when I quit. Had to take medication and seek professional help for my stress.

        But I always remember visiting an elderly lady aged 95 in Victoria B.C. as part of my school curriculum. She passed away a month after I was visiting her but she passed along as many nuggets of wisdom she could. She knew she was going soon.

        She told me, “Never be afraid to take risks in your life. The thing I regret MORE than anything was not taking risks when I had a passion burning inside me.”

        She also told me she was still a virgin and to never drive a motor vehicle…..so grain of salt?

        No – I think she was right.


  2. “I will make my money serve me, I will not serve money. I won’t be a slave to a wage forever. My money will be put to work and no dollar shall sit idle. I will do my research and take advice where warranted.”

    This one hit home for sure.

    Hour by hour, you’re trading your life in a job you do not like, in order to earn money to spend on this you don’t value.

    Stop bloody spending it and start making it work for you!

    Great article.

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