August Expenses – Prepaying a Future Holiday and Eating all the Foods!

At the end of month I started to feel like my spending wasn’t really in line with what I wanted for myself. I slipped back into buying a lot of lunches and drinking in bars on weekends. Living large baby! I was also putting some of these purchases on the credit card and come pay day I was transferring way more than I was comfortable with to get the credit card balance back to zero. Time to be real with myself. I cannot afford to live like that and have the financial secure future I imagine.

There is $500 of easy money that could have gone into investments this month. Instead it mostly went in my mouth. (It was all delicious stuff to be honest). Between that and the grocery bill I do believe I can find an extra $600 next month to go into savings. It’s hard being focused all the time and its easy to just slip into the buy “whatever you think you need in the moment” mindset. With a little more thoughtfulness I’m sure I can do better.

I spent a lot on Fuel last month but I still have 3/4 tank as I’ve been catching the bus a few days a week.

I prepaid a trip to Nelson for the New Zealand Homebrewers conference in March next year. Even using airBnB accommodation costs are so high! Still it was 30% cheaper than a motel.

Still throwing money at the rental property to pay for a $2,400 heating unit.

And my last thought is thank fark I earn a decent wage and my extravagant spending habits don’t get me into trouble.  I often worry that New Zealand is becoming a low wage economy and I see lots of big corporations paying their workers very low wages, not even a living wage. They all do it and slowly but surely they are eroding the middle class and therefore their own consumer base. Companies want their workers poor and their customers rich, well guess what, your customers are your workers.

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2 thoughts on “August Expenses – Prepaying a Future Holiday and Eating all the Foods!”

  1. When companies depress wages to make shareholders happy it really gets my goat. Shareholders are not the only important thing in business. If your workers can’t afford to live, then we’re going to have even bigger problems soon. (This has been happening in the US for a few years, too)

  2. As long as you had a good time then I think it’s okay you spent a little bit, but good that you’re aiming not to do that again, like you said.

    I agree with the sentiment that companies need to pay fair (growing) wages. Their employees are the ones who are customer facing, who deliver the results, who are the ones who will ultimately grow the NZ economy. It’s a very short term view to not pay proper wages.


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