May Expenses – Less than last month so that’s good!

Another month has rolled by and so the time has come to share my expenses with a bunch of strangers on the internet. How exciting for you!


Circular graph of may Spending.
May Expenses
~$270 less than last month!

So lets break it down

Mortgage – nothing new here, recent twitter poll suggests I should use my upcoming pay rise to increase the payments. I was more for spending it on beer but whatever.

Savings – Still saving a grand a month. I wish it was more. Once the bloody mortgage is dust I’m gonna be savings heaps!

Groceries – Feel like I spent a lot this month but it works out as ~$75 per person per week. My colleagues think this is about right, but they are also big spenders.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not really sure how much more I can cut from this category. (Or if I even want to make cuts!)

Everyday expenses – Well I visited my Mum which takes a whole tank of gas. Sorry mum I love you and everything but it costs me $80 a visit. Please move closer. I got an ear infection (fun!) and had to go to the doctors and buy medicated drops. On the winning side restaurant spending was cut by half as I made more of an effort to be organised with food! e.g. Packing lunches and having back up meals in the freezer.

Now I know spending money is kind of a vague category into which everything else just gets dumped but I don’t want a thousand little categories in my budget and I’m gonna tell you all the things anyway. This month I paid to have our teen boarders glasses repaired $45, Mothers day gift for my mum $40, loads of craft beer for a BBQ at my Dad’s house $38, I bought an art print $20 (that I still need to have framed) and I bought a few craft beers at various weekends. A lot of money spent on beer this past month.

Hobbies – I brewed a toasted coconut oatmeal stout, so hopefully that will cut down on the beer spending next month. I do need to get a refill for my CO2 cylinder and thats gonna cost around $4o but it lasts about a year.

Everything else – All pretty normal except for my annual credit card fee. I’m going to ring the bank and see if I can get that waived, I have a lot of lending with them so they make plenty money off me already. I topped up my rental property accounts to make sure there’s enough money for expenses. The household goods category included a new frying pan and an impulse buy of new winter blankets for everyone. Thrilling stuff.

My monthly expenses for May

So there you have it, don’t forget everything is in New Zealand dollars! A very exciting currency from the bottom of the world.

11 thoughts on “May Expenses – Less than last month so that’s good!”

  1. Nice work…before we started tracking our expenses I spent a ton of money on craft beer and lunches out, I have since completely stopped eating lunch out and have cut the beer back some, haha.
    How much longer do you have on the mortgage? that will free up a ton of cash flow for you going forward.


    1. I actually pay the fortnightly, on pay day. I dislike large irregular bills. So I just divided the annual cost by 26 and make a bill payment. I probably could set it up as an automatic payment though.

    1. Jef, you’re still here? How come I haven’t bored you away yet?! It always feels weird sharing my expenses but I figure everyone is just as curious about other peoples spending habits as I am!

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