April Expenses – You know you want to be nosy!

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Ah yes another fine month of spending all my money. Although I managed to spend less than last month so thats a win.

Home Repairs and Maintenance – This month we had to get the home ventilation filters changed. We have HRV for home ventilation and they charge a lot for servicing every two years. I could do it myself, its a simple matter of climbing in the roof around all the insulation and changing two filters….but I don’t. Also I bought a voucher on Grabone to have our heat pump serviced as well. Once again probably something I could do myself.

Spending Money – Stepsons birthday! His band played at a local bar and I shouted him and his brother quite a few rounds of drinks. I bought a car charger for my cell phone and gave the kids some money for gas. Confession……I also bought a lotto ticket!

I did not win.

The disappointment was not worth the $9.60

Restaurants – Shameful amount spent on eating out of the house. Its amazing how quickly that adds up. $30 for pizza one night I was to tired to cook and $30 taking our teenage boarder out to lunch during her term break. Then $140 over the month on snacks and work lunches. These Damn food trucks have started parking up near work. Delicious.

Clothing – One pair of work pants for me and a pair of work pants for other stepson. Including the cost of posting them to him.

Property Expenses – Exciting times, I am buying a house in Hamilton, quite possibly the cheapest house in Hamilton and possibly only the 3rd worst house in Hamilton. (Its definitely a do up!) Some of the costs of due diligence are in this category (e.g methamphetamine test, deposit for lawyer).  My lovely mortgage broker Megin has negotiated some cash back on the mortgage so I should be able to refund myself these expenses.

And the rest is all pretty standard stuff. I spent very little on petrol this month. So thats a win! And I may have found a free parking spot close to work. So hopefully I can cut down on that expense.

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Between the restaurants and spending money categories I am spending $100 a week. Its like I have a $100 a week allowance for whatever I want. What do you reckon? Too high? It works out at around 6% of the total spending (but the mortgage payments really skew the total monthly spend).

12 thoughts on “April Expenses – You know you want to be nosy!”

  1. Hey, great to finally find a kiwi personal finance blogger!! I’m a kiwi now living in Brisbane (but visiting NZ until Saturday) writing about how to reach that goal of financial freedom and have recently retired early. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you with all of the family expenses but I guess there’s two ways to look at that spending. 1. You could save a hell of a lot more cutting out the restaurants, take aways and nights out, or 2. Spend it cos it makes you happy and plan to make it up when the kids start paying their own way.

    What do you think?

    1. Hi Martin – Nice to meet ya, I’m going to head over to your blog, looking forward to reading about your experiences!

      Yep, I’m not proud of the excessive eating out this month. Its funny how it gets away on you. After a Mothers day Lunch I’m already up to $50 restaurant spending this month and at some point I want to go out for a cheapish date night with the husband. (maybe another $50) I find it a struggle to be truly frugal but by tracking the expenses each month (only just started doing it this year) I hope to become more “aware” of how these little purchases add up.

      1. Please don’t take it personally but I always cringe when I hear how so many people get suckered into spending lost of money on ‘special’ days like Mothers and Fathers Days. Often there’s the gift buying and then the lunches out. And when your kids are young (and often not so young) guess who pays for it all anyway.

        My preference, were I to be honoured on such a day, would be having the kids cook a breakfast and then clean up afterwards. Then go and do family stuff. No need to spend heaps of money on all the extras. In my family, because my brother and I live overseas, it’s a phone call to respective parent and that is the extent of it.

        Anyway, my rant over. But it does all add up doesn’t it. Perhaps a set ‘entertainment’ budget per month might be a way to keep these expenses in check. Spend either on a few cheapy nights out or one big one, but once it’s gone, that’s it til next month. Then start reducing it a bit at a time and finding more cost-effective ways to have your entertainment. At the end of the day, frugal living is all about forming frugal habits over time rather than making a quantum change to your lifestyle.

        1. I don’t make the children do anything for me, like you say I appreciate a phone call and breakfast, but for my own mother, lets just say for the sake of a calm happy relationship I choose to treat her 🙂

          An entertainment budget might be a good plan because I do like to have balance. I don’t want to waste money going out drinking every Friday night but I don’t want to never go out ever again either. Its nice to be able to treat my partner to a few craft beers every now and then.

          1. Yes, it’s sometimes prudent to maintain the calm, happy relationship whatever the cost isn’t it lol.

            And who can put a price on excellent NZ craft beers eh?

            Everyone’s situation is different. It’s all about context and priorities. I know exactly where you’re coming from.

  2. Nice April! That would be nice if you found a free parking spot. Maybe it is because I live and work in smaller communities but paying for parking is always a pet peeve to me. It never amounts to much but it feels like bank fees to me. I never want to pay for it!

  3. The food trucks are starting to show up at my place of work as well. Darn good but expensive. Like $10 for a personal pizza. Sometimes though it is just a nice treat to not have to cook (and do dishes).
    Nice work on the savings.

    1. We have been getting a few food trucks turning up around Brisbane lately. There’s a group of about 6 that seem to be everywhere at the moment. I’m with you DFG, damn expensive. $9 for a BBQ pork roll!! And that’s the cheapest item on the menu. Shame cos’ it looks so good.

  4. When I first saw the post I thought “wow they spend a lot of cash” then I realised it was kiwi dollars! I have limited frame of reference regarding cost of living and such down there so I’ll refrain from passing judgement.
    I just calculated my net worth for the month, take a look if you get chance.

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