April Dividend Income

New Zealand is weird and quirky, a little different compared to the rest of the world.

Most companies put out half year results in March and September and dividends are paid the following month in April and October. So with a few exceptions I only receive dividends twice a year.

Individual Stocks
Auckland International Airport $14.32
Metlife $3.56
PGG Wrightson $49.83
Michael Hill International $30.97
Mighty River Power $44.13
Meridian Energy $99.90

Total $242.71

Index Funds

Smart MDZ (NZ mid cap companies) $98.01
Smart MZY (AUS mid cap companies) $31.08

Total $129.09

(The smart funds are local low fee index funds. They allow for monthly investments at no extra cost so its easy to invest a little every month.)

So all up $371.80 (this is the after tax amount). Not quite enough to retire on just yet. Everything stays in the brokerage account and is reinvested. I figure if I can increase this return by a factor of ten I’ll be damn close to retiring. I’m fairly heavily weighted in energy stocks. Those companies used to be government owned, then our government was all like “Hurrr duuuuh these assets are making us too much money, lets sell half to whoever want to buy them.” So we raided our savings. They are good companies (mostly clean energy, hydro and geothermal), but they should have stayed state owned. Those dividends could buy a lot of schools and healthcare.


I don’t understand the reasoning ¬†for selling off income producing assets. Most of the country was pretty pissed off about it at the time. ¬†Anyway I felt a sense of national obligation to buy them which is probably just what the government anticipated. They’ve been good income earners, can’t complain so far.

6 thoughts on “April Dividend Income”

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I make an effort to put some of my savings towards shares every month. I see it being a huge part of my retirement income.

    1. Hi Aaron, I do invest in world markets through my retirement savings scheme Kiwisaver, all the dividend are reinvested automatically, I never see them! I wont see that money till I’m 65. Also the tax situation becomes quite complicated for offshore investing with tax on currency gains as well as figuring out the rest of the taxes. So I leave it in the hands of the professional fund managers.

  1. With the smartshares, do you purchase them directly through your online broker or are you purchasing them through superlife/smartshares who re-invest the dividends for you?

    1. So I buy smartshares via their monthly purchase program. There are no fees for buying them this way! You can very easily change the amount each month with a simple email which is great because some months I have a bit of extra cash to invest. Smarteshares automatically re-invest the dividends for you unless you tell them otherwise.

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