March 2016 (Shameful) Expenses

Alright internets, you can look but you can’t touch. Here’s the expenses for the month. Not so pretty. March madness, thats what I’m putting it down to.

It was my birthday, which led to a trip to Nelson, where I attended a home brewing conference and Marchfest.

And I splurged on a fancy present for myself, a new iPhone SE. I don’t feel too bad about it, as my last phone lasted me 5 YEARS! It was definitelty time for an upgrade as the old phone was beginning to feel quite unusable.
Actually the phone just arrived this evening, the courier asked if it was a new iphone and I felt compelled to tell him I had my last one for 5 years, 5 YEARS PEOPLE. Is everyone understanding that I don’t upgrade my phone willy nilly yet? otherwise I’ll have to mention the 5 years thing again…..

A graph of my horrific spending habits

Mortgage payments are way up because we managed an extra Thursday this month. Gee thanks March. (It’s paid weekly).

Managed to put a whole lot of money in savings, but also pulled some money out of a short term savings account to purchase myself a new phone. 2 steps forward, one step back.

a more detailed look at my monthly expenses.

Professional registration – the government decided my job requires registration. Can’t have any ol bum working in the lab, might make meth or something? I dunno. Anyway every March I write them a letter swearing I didn’t commit any crimes in the last 12 months and they let me carry on.

Spending money was some computer bits and pieces that we bought to finish up a PC that we put together for the teen living with us. Teens need computers for school and stuff, stuff being streaming music really loud all the time….. plus I bought loads of craft beer. Restaurant category was eating out for lunch a dumb amount of time. I was quite disorganised this month.

After the trip to the homebrew conference I felt compelled to start brewing again. Uh oh, I better start a new category for this. So I bought ingredients for a batch of beer and some misc parts for the kegerator I built couple years back, some new beer lines, connectors and things.

2016-03-18 16.15.30
Actual label in the test brewery at Plant and Food research
2016-03-18 12.07.05
Punched hole in a bale of hops to test for moisture content etc
2016-03-19 14.25.30
Marchfest line up, I tried them all!
2016-03-18 17.12.48
We got to sample/sniff a new variety of hop in development at Plant and food research!

Holiday spending was over 4 nights in Nelson, including beer money for Marchfest. I paid for a lot of things in advance so the expense was just food really. Nelson was just wonderful, I really enjoyed it there. I hope they do the conference again next year.

So what can we see from my expenses? Well I’m definitely not in the frugal category and I actually get to go to far off places and do things I like (beer festivals yay!). There is room to save more/cut expenses if I want to ramp things up a bit. I do prioritise beer and food over entertainment (no pay tv for me, not even netflix bro!).

Did you notice something else? Apart from the mortgage I have no debts to pay down. At 36 I have finally learned how to use a credit card properly and all my student loans are dust. No car payments either because I drive a 1999 mazda familia.

Sometimes I feel like its a quite spendy budget, but I do feel in control of the direction of that spending. I get the the things that matter the most to me while still paying down that mortgage, investing and saving.

2 thoughts on “March 2016 (Shameful) Expenses”

  1. Haha awesome with the phone! I’ve had mine about 4 years I think. Think it’s a moto-x with republic wireless. No upgrades so just use the phone until it dies. I do need a new case though as this otter box is getting kind of gross! Beer money is money well spent

    Have a good weekend!


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