February Expenses and Savings!

Oh man, the things I did this month. WAY MORE SPENDING! But also so much AWESOMENESS!

Took a plane to Christchurch to watch my brother in the Coast to Coast. It’s a mad event where people run/cycle/kayak from one side of the South Island to the other (IN ONE DAY!). It was an amazing day and quite emotional. I was really proud of my brother but it was pretty hard watching him at some of those checkpoints, I could tell he was in a bit of pain but he just kept on pushing. It was a 14 hour day of racing. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world it was really inspirational.



My brother had a very deep connection with my Grandparents. Both have since passed and my Grandmother suffered through an oesophageal cancer. This was the second time he’s done the coast to coast and each time it was to get donations for the Cancer Society. His goal was to raise $24,000 he’s pretty close at $15,657. I would not be surprised if he raced again just to get to his goal. He is that kind of guy.

So a weekend away certainly added to the budget, but I don’t regret it at all. I also had a few other unexpected expenses. Last months water bill was double the usual! Why? Well it was A BLOODY LEAK. Under the concrete floor of the garage. Re routing the line coast $864! Also my laptop seemed to be dying a spasmodic beachball death but a new hard drive seems to have solved things ($173). Cheaper than a refurbished laptop thats for sure. There’s years left in this baby. Woo! Thanks to husband for perseverance on that one! So many OS installs.

Oh and I went to the dentist : /

So here’s the damage.

Screenshot 2016-02-29 20.34.19

I had to top up the rental property mortgage this month. But that was only 2% of the budget.

Oh and we took on a youth. Yep we have an 18 yr old living with us, they are paying a small contribution towards expenses but really its about helping them get some qualifications (high school GED I guess for those in US). We have free second chance education for anyone under 19 who dropped out of high school. So extra groceries and what not to keep the youth comfy. (Apparently they like the nutrigrains and mac and cheese)

Screenshot 2016-02-29 21.27.09


Spending money – yep a large category. It was buying YNAB, a new laptop hard drive and some craft beers. That’s it!

Clothing – I gifted my husband some new undies. No regrets.

Holiday spending – Damn I ate out A LOT on that weekend away. Sometimes cause of family pressure. But it was worth it. I also pre booked some tickets for next months Beerfest getaway.

Restaurants – One Saturday date night at Deep Creek brewery for husband and me plus two pizza nights, one at home and one at a friends for our D & D night.

Bonus month because I ended up doing two weekends on-call for extra monies. (Usually only once a month) So income was up a bit.

Still managed to save heaps despite the speedy month! It feels like even a small amount of discretionary spending easily leads to a budget blowout. $8326 is just such a massive amount of money.


3 thoughts on “February Expenses and Savings!”

  1. It’s cool how you’ve outlined all of your categories here!
    Good on you & your brother, that’s top work there 🙂

    Keep up the great work towards FIRE!

    1. Thanks Jef. Its weird putting all my spending out for the world to see. I’m definitely not in the frugal category by any means, but I think a lot of people are curious to see how other people live and what they spend their money on. If we were all a little more frank and open about it I think it would be healthier for everyones finances lol.

      1. Definitely agreed on this! Kudos to you for putting it out there & if not having frugality isn’t affecting your life & that reflects your values, that’s fine in my books 🙂

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