Your Poverty Helps No One

“Your poverty helps no one” – I think I heard a property investor say this on TV and it really resonated with me.

Occasionally I read a bit of backlash against the middle class acquiring wealth. Terms like greedy and selfish are thrown around from time to time. If leaned towards conspiracy theories I’d say its a part of the upper-class scheme to keep the middle-class blaming the poor and the poor blaming the middle-class while they get away with doing whatever they want. When I let it slip at work one day that I own some shares someone jokingly (but maybe not so jokingly) called me elitist! If you are a property investor and own more than one house then you are “stealing” someone’s dream of home ownership.


As the title says “Your poverty helps no one”. Staying on struggle street is not some noble cause. I’m hardly “sticking it to the man” by refusing to play his game. If anything they want us to stay out of the game! The man wants us to stay in debt and to never try get ahead.

In my mind, trying to do better in life isn’t a bad thing and I reckon by being financially independent and retiring early I can actually help many people around me.

If I can afford to retire and still maintain my spending habits then not only does my job become available for someone else but the economy still has my input as I continue to buy things and consume. There’s plenty of hungry eager young people ready to work, the sooner I leave my job the better in their eyes! Who needs some old bastard clinging to their supervisor job till 3 years past retirement and a host of millennials secretly hoping those lunchtime cheeseburgers and onion rings will finally work their magic. Free up the jobs earlier for the next generation!

mmmmmmmmm cheeseburgers

If I don’t have to work I can help out my family with childcare allowing the young families to get back to economic productivity faster and provide quality one on one interaction for a young person instead of constantly going to a crowded day care. I may also begin the financial independence indoctrination on the sly.

I invest heavily in my own country meaning company profits stay in the country and are not going to off shore investors. My investing helps keep money from flowing off shore, that’s got to be good thing.

If I don’t have to drag myself to a job all week I’ll have time to volunteer for organisations that do great work in the community enriching everyone’s lives.

I don’t need welfare or other safety net services, I have funded my own safety net. This leaves more resources on the table for those that need it.

Sure I’ve convinced myself that FI is a good thing, but envy can make people think some strange things. So for now it’s a stealthy path to FI but I won’t be feeling guilty about it that’s for sure.

4 thoughts on “Your Poverty Helps No One”

  1. Staying on struggle street is not some noble cause. That’s excellent. Poverty helps no one, least of all ourselves. And it’s so darn unattractive! People who think you owning more than one house is stealing their dream of home ownership are deluded. They’re looking for excuses and playing the victim card. Keep doing what you’re doing FI is definitely a good thing.

  2. Couldn’t agree more – its absurd but there is a social stigma towards not struggling. Debt culture is so ingrained that complaining about your massive mortgage, credit card bills and giant student debt is a marker that you are ‘one of us’ whereas saying you are debt free marks you as odd and different.
    Screw it – be different. Keep at it mystery saver – you are on the right path! 🙂

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