Living the good life, while saving heaps.

I’ve found they key to really feeling like you are living the good life is to get back in touch with nature. Nature isn’t trying to sell you anything, make you feel less than you are for not owning something and it has no secret marketing agenda. It’s a wonderful reset for a stressed and over busy mind.

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So lately we’ve swapped pricey brunches for bushwalks and lazy afternoons at the pub for a picnic and swim at the beach. Truth is we are blessed to live near a multitude of swimming beaches all within a short drive. Thanks to urban planning in the 60’s large tracts of bush remain house free and there are many well-maintained walking tracks to enjoy, the closest is about 150 metes from my front door. (540 hectares of parks & bush reserves!)


Find the nature closest to you, it could be a park or a garden, a river walk, a lake a spot to sit and stare at the landscape, a friends backyard or even a few potted plants/herbs/vegetables that you can take care of.

Nature is mostly free and amazing. Sometimes it’s hard to drag myself away from the laptop, but cultivating a love for the outdoors has been a very enriching part of my life. I’m still not up to the level of overnight hikes or camping (I’d miss my cosy bed too much!) but I am quite happy to spend the whole day hiking to a lovely spot and back. To be honest I like the fact that day trips are cheaper too as I don’t need to buy/borrow any camping gear.


Visiting new spots creates new memories and has stopped the weekends blurring into one big hazy blob of watching TV, browsing the internet and drinking too much wine on Saturday night. Instead I have memories of birdsong, wildlife, great conversation uninterrupted by cell phones and a feeling of wellbeing that just can’t be bought.

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2 thoughts on “Living the good life, while saving heaps.”

  1. So true! You see those who are already FI and none of them are sitting at home watching TV, living life from the couch. They are outside doing things! Nature is great for the wallet. Keeps expenses down not only as a distraction from more costly ways to spend time (bars and brunches) but also in the long run due to the health advantages of spending time outside. You’ve motivated me to get my but outside and go for a walk by the water. 🙂 Have a great day!

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