Why being financially independent is so important to me.

“It’s all about the pain”


I have a weird pain over my shoulder blade that gets exacerbated by movement of that shoulder. My work purchased a specialised piece of equipment that semi motorised my main work task. While I’m grateful it pretty much ties me to my workplace. I can’t work in my area of specialty in another workplace unless they are also prepared to invest in this equipment……..which seems unlikely.


Financial independence means I could walk away from this line of work that causes me pain on a daily basis. Take a year off work on sorting it out. Then try out other jobs that I find interesting or fulfilling.


Financial independence means being PAIN FREE! Woohoo.


“I can’t stand you people”


I work with a small team in a small open plan area. After ten years I’ve had enough. Hey no ones perfect and I’m not the ideal co-worker, but I read somewhere that you are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So if you are always negative and complaining, bitter about your job and pessimistic maybe you need to look at the people around you? Are they happy and cheerful, do they look for silver linings and opportunities when presented with problems? 8 hours a day everyday with negative people can really grind you down. 8 hours a day with positive inspirational people can lift you up! The Empowered dollar explains it really well…..



Financial independence would let me choose who I spend my time with instead of being forced into the company of people who are only a bad influence on my mood and optimism.


Also I’m kind of an introvert. Less face time would be great. Can I please have my own office.


“Risks are risk free”*


With an independent income risky ideas are much much less risky. Going back to school, trying a job abroad starting a business all become within the realm of possible instead limited by my need of a steady pay check. Things that filled me with fear before now have a safety net and anything seems possible.


“I once traded time for money, now time is love”


If my family needs me I can be there, after school care for nieces and nephews, cook my grandparents dinner a few nights a week. If anyone gets really sick I can drop everything and be there. I don’t need to throw in 8 hours of work before I turn up.


I can spend more time with my partner, currently I spend more hours per week with my co-workers! Its ridiculous.


“So much room for activities”


I have a few hobbies I’d like to explore further, I have a few things I’ve never tried that I dream of doing. At the moment I really feel like working and recovering from work takes up so much of my energy that there isn’t any room for activities. I want to paint, develop some gardening skills and work on my home brewing.


“So what’s in it for you?”


So what would being financially independent mean to you? How would a steady income regardless of your circumstances change your life? Find the reasons, write them down and remind yourself of them frequently. Becoming financially independent isn’t always an easy road and it takes time and knowing why you are taking the journey will make it less daunting.




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  1. All great points here Quit Work for Life (QWFL).. Agree with your points here although what are your thoughts about giving back as well 🙂

    Love that Jim Rohn quote, it’s a classic!

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